The two most typical good reasons to get a hosting server of your own are when a shared Internet hosting account is unable to cope with the load of the Internet sites hosted within it or if the Internet sites need specific software to be operating on the server, but it can't be installed on a shared machine. In these cases you can get your own hosting server, but this entails that you will be in charge of its maintenance, which is not the situation with a shared hosting server where the service provider does everything. In this light, we have introduced a Managed Services upgrade, which may be added to any of our web server plans if you don't have the time or the skills to handle your machine. Our system administrators will install and troubleshoot software, update your Operating System and more in order to give you the chance to focus on creating your sites instead of addressing different maintenance tasks.

Managed Services Package in Dedicated Servers

If you add this pack to any one of the dedicated servers we offer, you shall be be able to use the most potent type of web hosting even when you have no prior experience because our admins can assist you with almost every task. You can do this when you sign up or through your billing area later and you'll be able to decide if you shall keep the upgrade at all times or if you will add it only when you require it. The Managed Services upgrade includes 50 Gigabytes of backup space on a separate hosting server, so we can restore your information if something breaks down after a software update, for example. Our administrators will update the Operating System that you have picked out for the machine, so you shall have stable and secure software environment at all times. They shall also keep tabs on the hosting server 24/7 and reboot it when necessary. Last, but not least, they are able to help you to install or troubleshoot any app from a third-party firm in case you encounter any problems, so you can get professional help and a fast resolution as opposed to wasting time and efforts yourself.